February promo!

I am starting again after few years break so need to make some buzz here with customer orders coming ASAP!

london miniature painter

I am planning to get on the painting train as soon as I can to cover every week of this month with some of your painting commissions. Here are two things that might help you to consider me as your army painter:

  1. Very good prices for your first army order. Not a single unit or hero. Promotional price quote will cover every unit from your army that you are planning to build. Starting TAU but got only 2 units? No worries, I will give you low price for every unit from the codex and stick with that price for the whole 2018!
  2. Existing customers that will successfully refer me to next customer will get 20% discount or PayPal cash off the final new customer order value. For instance: you find a guy that needs to paint his Chaos Daemons and me and him got an agreement for £430? As soon as the next client pays his last installment, £83 goes to you.
  3. I am London based miniature painter, I will pick up and deliver your stuff personally inside M25. All other locations are done by courier.

Do not wait! I can paint only so much in one month and February is not the longest one here 😉 Sooner is better than later!

london miniature painter

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