Stormcast Eternals Lord Relictor

“Mine is the power aetheric – by the bones that I bear and call my own, I bid ye heed now, hear the Call Celestial. Heed only the call of the God-King. Godspeed to Sigmaron, godspeed back to the stars that bore ye.”
—Lord-Relictors’ Incantation for the Fallen


stormcast eternal lord relictor

After the Liberator and Decimator unit this is my first hero for Age of Sigmar army of Stormcast Eternals. Lord Relictor of Unliving Avatars

Yes, he is Sigmar`s fury incarnate, raw violence released by the thunderstorm on the battlefield. Hatred and power of Sigmar`s wrath. He is the unliving avatar of his divine presence, he tastes the blood of his enemies to remember and get hold of his lost sanity. Do not get close!

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