How to paint ceramic amour?

How to paint ceramic amour?

Nothing easier than nice, smooth looking ceramic armour. I mean it, very easy to do 🙂 What do we need?

  1. Miniature painted with white spray.
  2. Screaming Skull layer paint or any other creamy colour.
  3. Nihilakh Oxide technical paing (omg who invented this name!?)
  4. Airbrush thinner.
  5. Matt or satin varnish.
  6. Seraphim Sepia shade.

So, how to paint miniature with ceramic armour?

  1. First of all, make sure you cover mini with Screaming Skull very neatly. Make it in honest way: better to paint to much on hammer shaft, leather belts or other elements than coming back after next step is done. 
  2. When mini is dry, mix Seraphim Sepia with water and cover mini using big, flat brush. Apply gently with only very thin layer, if you get any excess, get it off with a dry brush.
  3. Wait for mini to dry.
  4. Mix Nikhilakghakh, Varnish and Thinner together like 3/6/1 parts. Shake well.
  5. Apply mix with big, flat brush. If mix is to thick, apply bit of water.
  6. When it is dry, go with some light and gentle drybrush with white paint.
  7. Enjoy your work!

I did add some dust, mud and battle damage for my army. Along with some blood. Ok, rather a lot of blood 😀 How to make bloody gore on your miniatures you will find on my instagram here 🙂


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