London miniature painter April promo

London miniature painter

With March slowly coming to an end and 15% off for vehicles prices, I decided to make some bold and unusual move along with standard monthly discount for painting there is one more thing. Free giveaway for Salamanders army! One might consider this as going against painters community standards by painting miniatures for free but I have my reasons. First of all I have three armies already: Imperial Fists, Noise Marines, Bretonnia and Stormcast Eternals. I need some different army colour scheme on my page to mage gallery look great again!

London miniature painter


15% off price for painting characters for April

I have noticed my gallery is full of yellow, black, red and some bone. Time to break this pattern with some striking colour scheme different than my Imperial Fists. I have chosen Salamanders. I wasn`t painting green for a long time and nothing better to refresh those forgotten paint pots than some awesome character! 

I will do one Salamander hero (infantry type) for free! The early bird catches the worm!

All you have to do is just get in touch on facebook and secure postage cost via Paypal. 

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