How to paint blood and make blood gore?

Some of you have been asking same questions about the blood effect I did on one of my paladins. So here we are, short description how to make blood using basic stuff.

How to paint blood effect?
How to paint blood effect?


You will need: 

  1. UHU The All Purpose Adhesive
  2. Blood for the Blood God technical paint
  3. Nuln Oil Shade
  4. Some sculpting tool or a stick will do.

Prepare a bit of glue on the tray for 2 minutes. Time really depends on the glue itself. If its new, you need to wait a bit longer for it to get more dense and dry. Apply small patches from time to time:

After at least 30 minutes you can apply blood. I have found to mix blood with dark wash to be good idea, at least for some small area.


Hope that helps 🙂 Any questions please feel free to comment here 🙂


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